Cocoa Pebbles Chocolate Popcorn Bark


- 1 tbsp butter
- Cocoa Pebbles Cereal Pop
- Pinch of Salt
- 1-2 tsp Sugar
- 11oz chocolate (semi-sweet, milk, dark, etc.)
- 1/4 cup slivered Almonds (optional)


1. Melt 2/3 of chocolate in microwave in 20 second intervals until melted and smooth, roughly 105 degrees. Stir in remaining chocolate until melted.

2. Spread melted chocolate onto parchment paper on baking sheet and immediately sprinkle with popcorn and almonds (or any other toppings of choice). When chocolate is nearly set, cut into desired shapes and allow to set until room temperature, or, refrigerate as desired. Keep stored in airtight container.

3. Eat and congratulate yourself on a job well done.