"Oreo Popcorn Is Here for Your Sweet and Salty Snack Fix"

"Are you a fan of salty and savory paired together -- pretzels on ice cream, chips dipped in chocolate, and even cookies in popcorn? If yes, then congratulations. Oreo popcorn is here.

Snax-sational, a snack food brand, is releasing Cookie Pop: a bag of salty popcorn filled with Oreo cookie pieces. The popcorn and cookie mix is 150 calories per serving, is low in sodium, and is made with non-GMO corn, the company said in a press release. The line of candy-popcorn hybrids also includes Butterfinger Candy Pop and Twix Candy Pop flavors.

"Consumers and moviegoers have always loved snacking on their favorite cookies along with popcorn for a fun treat. Now, Snack Pop offers a popcorn snack in the form of Oreo Cookie Pop, for a delicious sweet and savory combo, combining that cookie and popcorn flavor in one," Adam Cohen, the CMO of Snax-Sational Brands, said in a statement. "Oreo Cookie Pop is about to revolutionize the snacking experience."

Personally, I've always tossed a few M&Ms in my hot popcorn for a sweet and salty combo, but this works too. If you're a cookies and cream fanatic, pick up a bag of Cookie Pop when it hits shelves on January 21 at Sam's Club stores nationwide."