"Crushed Oreos + Popcorn = Heaven?"

"The sweet-and-salty snack consists of salty popcorn, drizzled with creamy Oreo stuffing, and coated in crushed Oreos. It's basically the equivalent of dumping M&Ms in a hot bowl of popcorn at the movie theater, except in this case they do the work for you.

If you're already worried that this new invention will derail your new year's resolution to eat healthy, first off everyone needs a treat once in a while, but also this snack only has 150 calories per serving. It's also reportedly low in sodium and made with non-GMO corn.

It's not the first time we've seen SNAX-Sational come out with crazy delicious snack ideas. They're also the inventors of two popcorn flavors coated with crushed pieces of your favorite candy bars: Butterfinger Candy Pop and Twix Candy Pop.

You can still find both the Butterfinger and Twix popcorn versions on Amazon!"